Dr. O's Dr. O's Diaper Balm

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Made by Dr. Keith Owen, a board-certified pediatrician in Memphis, TN with over 18 years of experience practicing pediatrics.



Lanolin, Cornstarch, Sesame Seed Oil, Soy Lecithin, Zinc Oxide, and Dr. O's Signature Fragrance



  • Don’t be a type A wiper. Overzealous wiping can break down the skin’s natural protective barrier. During an active rash, try rinsing the wipes before using to remove some of the irritating soap and/or alcohol.
  • Try different diaper brands. Some diapers breathe better than others or cause more sensitivity. Even the way a diaper fits can make a baby more prone to rashes.
  • Go easy at bathtime. Use only a small amount of soap and pat the skin dry after bathing rather than wiping.
  • Ditch the diaper. Give your baby as much diaper free time as possible to air out a rash.
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